maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2016

Trolling of the Imatra shooting case

It clearly seems the internet trolling (false information) of the Imatra shooting case is intended to make worse the relations between Finland and Russia. By all means it is the culmination of human stupidity. We have here in Finland trusted, free media, and every healthy people can read papers and make difference what is the truth, so this will not work here. This country is not Russia or U.S.A.

Who disseminates this disinformation and Why?

Is there an intention to get Russian people living in Finland to hate Finnish people?
Is there an intention to stir up xenophobia here?
Is there an intention to spread the "selling" lies by the “false news” as usual?
None of these reasons is the activity of a normal, thinking, responsible and adult citizen.

(this column is exceptionally written in English to serve my foreign readers)

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